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“If we don’t take care of our clients, somebody else will.”

At Global Airplane Corporation we manage the complete acquisition/divestiture process from the evaluation of needs and acquisition of the appropriate aircraft to the development of a flight crew and maintenance department. We assist in determining the best ownership structure for IRS/FAA issues (achieving maximum tax benefits, minimum IRS penalty exposure, and minimum sales and use tax), manage the negotiations, the contracting and pre-purchase inspection, and remain at our client's service after the transaction to assist them with the complexities of aircraft ownership

Our extensive package includes the following:

* Operational and Financial Needs Analysis
* Mission Profile
* Model Comparison
* Market Analysis and Research
* Consultation and Assistance with Trading and Leasing
* Global Networking and Advertising
* Aircraft Evaluation and Fleet Comparative Value Analysis
* Residual Valuation
* Pre-Offer Inspection for Cost and Valuation
* Logbook and Documentation Review
* Flight Check
* Cosmetic Issues Evaluation and Consultation
* Evaluation and Preparation of Equipment Upgrades
* Determination of Appropriate Ownership Structure
* Strategic Negotiation
* Identification and Resolution of Issues within Purchase Agreement
* Closing Documentation
* Title Clearance
* Escrow Management
* Pre-Purchase Oversight - Directing the Inspection for current and model-driven issues
* Closing and Fund Distribution Coordination
* Delivery Coordination for sales tax and post inspection flight purposes
* Post-Closing Maintenance
* Flight and Maintenance Department Consultation/Management
* Asset, Personnel and Documentation Management


In addition, we offer the important service of selling aircraft previously acquired for our clients. This helps facilitate an efficient timetable for 1031 Exchanges. Because we know the equipment well, we are best equipped to position the aircraft for its optimal selling price.



Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer


Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering

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