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Our goal at Global Airplane Corporation is to help people achieve their dreams of working as a flight attendant for an airline company. We provide an in-flight training that will prepare you for the rewards of flying for the airlines. Our Flight Attendant Academy Training Program is a full 6 days and includes Corporate Flight Attendant Training.

6 Day Training Course:

Phase 1: Basic Indoctrination

  • Flight Attendant Duties & Responsibilities

  • Business Protocols & Professionalism (Corporate Flying)

  • Fixed Based Operations Overview (FBO)

  • Aviation Interview Preparation

Phase 2: Aircraft Ground School

  • Aircraft Familiarization Including Corporate Aviation

  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)

  • Line Operations

Phase 3: General Emergency Situation Training

  • Emergency Equipment Preflight & Use

  • Fire Fighting (Including Live Fires)

  • Aircraft Security Procedures

  • Evacuation Slide

  • Aircraft Ditching Drills (Fire & Wet Ditch in Pool)

Phase 4: First Aid

  • First Aid Training

  • CPR Training

  • AED Training

  • HazMat Training

Phase 5: Culinary

  • Catering (Ordering, Preparation, and Serving Techniques)

Phase 6: Competency Check


Using Only Experienced Flight Attendant Instructors, our comprehensive courses will provide everything you need to achieve your goal of becoming a Flight Attendant. Training is conducted in our State of the art Center at San Bernardino International Airport, and includes all books & classroom training materials.

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