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Global Airplane Corporation specializes in training pilots from all over the globe. From China to Russia; from Argentina to Kenya - we can support all of your flight training needs.

Global Airplane Corporation will also be happy to assist in the travel arrangements to Cambodia as well as any travel clearances that are required.

Upon arrival, trainees attend approximately two weeks of ground school in preparation for flight training. Subjects include Aviation English, Weather, Federal Aviation Regulations, ATC Communications, Flight Procedures and Aircraft Systems.


Our typical pilot training program consists of approximately 230 hours of flight training conducted over a period of 14 months. Major milestones in this training include the first solo at around 22 hours, a US Private Certificate at 80 hours, a Commercial Single Engine Certificate with instrument rating at 215 hours, and finally a Commercial Multiengine Instrument Certificate at 230 hours.

Trainees are exposed to a variety of weather conditions, airspace and airports, ranging from local non-controlled fields to major metropolitan airports.


Conveniently Located at Phnom Penh International Airport.

Technologically Advanced Aircraft

First Class Accommodations – At several of the local hotels.

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