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Sales & Leasing


When you are looking to acquire a pre-owned Jet, we will conduct a worldwide market search to identify the best possible opportunities in the marketplace to acquire an aircraft best suited to your mission and budget, and at the best possible price. As our valued client, together we will explore the following: Trip distances, trip frequency, number of passengers, cargo requirements, comfort. This will give us a clear picture of your needs.

Once you decide to move forward on an aircraft purchase we will take into account the following:
    - Pricing and valuation of Aircraft
    - Maintenance and inspection issues
    - Contract Terms, Deposit and Financing Structures

When you are ready to sell your aircraft, we will ensure you get the best possible return on your investment. Our sales and marketing team will aggressively market the Aircraft so it moves quickly.


First and foremost, what differentiates us from our competitors is our International Sales and Marketing Strategy.

“We have an extensive reach and rolodex of clients in the Asian and South-East Asian Markets which enables us to have greater turnover than our Domestic competitors.” Alex Schrader VP Global Marketing

# 1: Global Marketing Campaign

In our research we have found that an increasing number of aircraft have been sold and exported to countries overseas where the economy is recovering more robustly, especially with the continued weakness of the US Dollar.

Instead of the typical Broker here in the US that is only able to advertise your aircraft locally, using our international team we can guarantee immediate global market penetration. This means your aircraft will be in front of more potential buyers, in less time, than any other Brokerage firm in the US.

We are confident that our international team will maximize our effectiveness in each foreign territory. As an added benefit, we will list your aircraft in multiple publications worldwide.

# 2: Advertising the Product

With our strategic partnerships in Film and Video Production, all of our listings are professionally photographed, filmed and edited, allowing us to provide virtual and video tours of the aircraft, including the engine components. Every detail is meticulously planned, down to the music that accompanies the video. We also provide detailed digital specifications covering all the necessary history and maintenance data expected for such a high end product. We want our prospective buyers to literally feel the excitement and to experience the sensation of owning the aircraft, just as they would a high-end vehicle.

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